How often is new jewelry released? 

I try to release new jewelry in small batches every other month. I don't always get to stick to this timeline. I do have a full-time job other than making jewelry and I participate in markets which takes up a lot of my time. 


How will I know when new jewelry is released?

New releases are promoted on my Instagram account. The release date will also be posted to the announcement banner at the top of my website homepage. 


Do you take custom orders?

Since I am so busy, I am not taking custom orders at this time. I hope to eventually offer an option where the customer can finish a semi-completed piece in their size as a ring, bracelet or necklace. When this option is available, it will be listed among the new release collections. 


Will I know the prices before the release date?

Prices are not posted before the new release dates. You can visit the 'Archive' page under the 'Shop' menu to give you an idea of what to expect. Prices are based on the cost of the design, metal, stones, precious gems, etc. that often vary depending on the market price as it changes day to day and is not dictated by me. 


Do you accept Returns or Exchanges?

ALL SALES ARE FINAL. I do not accept returns or exchanges. Every piece of jewelry is meticulously hand crafted and considered a unique piece of art. If there is an issue with your order, please use the contact form to get it addressed. 


Do you offer repairs or alterations? 

Please be very careful with your jewelry. It should not break easily unless it's a delicate chain that you live in and never take off. Avoid wearing jewelry while sleeping, swimming or during any physical activity that causes you to sweat. If you do, necklace chains are more likely to break and the chemicals or salt in water will cause jewelry to tarnish quickly and can even alter the look of the stone or sea glass. When adjusting a cuff bracelet, size it to your wrist once and then every time after that you shouldn't have to constantly adjust it other than a tiny amount. 

Jewelry should not need to be repaired if you take care of it. If something does break and it's not your fault, please use the contact form to get it addressed. I do not repair jewelry that someone else made. I only repair jewelry I make. 

Rings cannot be resized. Cuff bracelets can be sized down and you will have to notify me before your order is shipped after purchased. If you have to ship it back to me, you will be responsible for the cost of shipping. 


How do I find out my ring size?

I highly suggest you know your ring (or bracelet) size before you purchase jewelry. You can visit a local jewelry store where they should be able to measure for your correct size. You can also buy sizers online for your ring or bracelet size or use this online site to help find your ring size from home. 


How do I take care of my jewelry?

Please read the Jewelry Care page. 


What is your Shipping Policy?

Check out my Shipping page for more info. All packages are shipped through USPS with tracking numbers that will be sent to you. It usually only takes a few days to arrive but I have no control over delays with the postal service. Island time is real and post offices are closed on the weekends or for any reason at all. There are a lot of island "holidays"! I am only shipping to the US right now. 


Do you sell your jewelry in stores?

Check out my Stockists page to shop my jewelry in person. I also participate in vendor markets in the US Virgin Islands and in Texas. Those in-person shopping dates will be posted to the Market Dates page.