I was born and raised in Texas where I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Art with a field of specialization in Studio Art. I developed technical skills in both traditional and experimental art techniques in multiple mediums including, painting, ceramics, fine art photography, glass, jewelry design and silversmithing. 

Art was my therapy

My mind went into survival mode immediately after the 2017 hurricanes and I could only focus on what was an essential task to survive each day. As we slowly recovered, I realized that wasn't good enough and I had to do more to regain my normal mental strength. Since my degree is in Studio Art and I have always been a creator in one medium or another, I went back to the basics and made time every day to work on the art forms I knew so well before the storms.

My studio slowly evolved

My studio slowly evolved into what it is today and I thrive on making carefully crafted, hand forged small batch jewelry using precious metals and ethically sourced stones from lapidary artists. The process is time consuming and necessary to create unique, one-of-a-kind handmade jewelry.

Kiki Creative Jewelry is a one woman show

I am the jewelry designer, production artist, accountant, packaging & shipping connoisseur, marketing department, material purchasing agent, office manager, cleaning lady, photographer, social media promoter, reluctant model, fad finder, dreamer...

Thank you for supporting my small business, allowing me to continue designing and creating wearable art.