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Kiki Creative Jewelry

Shoreline Earrings

Shoreline Earrings

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Opalized Petrified Wood is a result of a forest being buried by volcanic ash. Over millions of years the ash becomes a source of silica that combines with the wood to eventually form the opalized petrified wood as seen in these earrings. 

Please handle these earrings with extreme care as the opalized wood is a lot softer than other other stones and can break or scratch easily if dropped. 

All jewelry is handmade by Kiki Creative Jewelry on St. John in the US Virgin Islands. 


Opalized Petrified Wood (.925 silver)


Length: 2.5 inches

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ALL SALES ARE FINAL. No substitutions, shop credit or exchanges.

Every piece of jewelry is meticulously hand crafted and considered a piece of art. If there is an issue with your order, please use the contact form to get it addressed.


Orders ship from the U.S. Virgin Islands using USPS priority mail with tracking numbers. The cost to ship to your location depends on prices set by the USPS. 
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Care Instructions

Silver naturally tarnishes and must be polished with a soft cloth or polishing pad regularly. Be careful not to wipe away any patina that has been intentionally applied to the jewelry. Avoid harsh chemical cleaners as these can damage stones. Store jewelry out of direct sunlight in a protected pouch or jewelry storage container.

Sea Glass and dichroic glass fused pieces are considered delicate and can break if not handled with caution. Each glass fusion is a unique, one-of-a-kind item that cannot be recreated exactly the same as the original. Use a soft cloth with no chemicals to polish.

Avoid wearing jewelry while sleeping, swimming or any physical activity that causes you to sweat. If you do, necklace chains are more likely to break and the chemicals or salt in water will cause jewelry to tarnish quickly and can even alter the look of the stone or sea glass.

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